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President Sadyr Japarov comments on freedom of speech in country

President of Kyrgyzstan Sadyr Japarov told Kabar state news agency about freedom of speech and human rights in the country.

«It is impossible to limit freedom of speech in Kyrgyzstan. The people will not allow it. The people have lived with freedom of speech since ancient times. And they will continue to live with freedom of speech. Those who say that there is no freedom of speech are those who, using the term «freedom of speech», do what they want, they are «false patriots» who plan to overthrow the republic under the guise of freedom of speech. We will not allow actions of such malicious people who want to riot in the country. Under the guise of the term «freedom of speech» they are spoiling the nation by conducting propaganda that does not conform to our set of mind, traditions and nature. There are cases when some people damage the honor and dignity of others by spreading false information,» he assured.

If the government had taken unfair steps against freedom of speech, the people would have revolted long ago.

Sadyr Japarov

According to him, those citizens who want to use real freedom of speech, to criticize the government, to reveal the faces of corrupt people sitting in power, to point out their shortcomings, they are the others.

«They only benefit us. Citizens who want to help in this way can speak and make appeals as much as they want via the Internet or in the Maxim Gorky park in Bishkek,» the head of state said.

Kyrgyzstan has a higher level of democracy than other countries.

Sadyr Japarov

«As for democracy. We have democracy, those countries that criticize us do not have it. We have a much higher level of democracy than they have. However, some of our citizens use the concept of democracy in the wrong direction,» he said.

World human rights and freedom of speech rankings are made by instigators who hide behind freedom of speech.

Sadyr Japarov

According to him, the world rankings are compiled by precisely those provocateurs who hide themselves behind freedom of speech.

«If we accepted their conditions, a policy that does not correspond to the nature of our people, and spread it among our people, we would be the first in the field of human rights and freedom of speech. We do not need such primacy, which will gradually morally destroy the state and the people,» the President concluded.

On January 16, the office of Temirov Live was searched and editorial equipment was confiscated. The police searched homes and detained 11 current and former employees of the media outlet.

The Interior Ministry issued a statement announcing that, as a result of «forensic linguistic examination» of content found on the social media pages of Temirov Live and Ait Ait Dese on December 30, criminal proceedings had been initiated against them under article 278, part 3 of the Criminal Code for «calling for riots.»

Makhabat Tazhibek kyzy, Sapar Akunbekov, Azamat Ishenbekov, Saipidin Sultanaliev, Aktilek Kaparov, Tynystan Asypbekov, Maksat Tazhibek uulu, Zhoodar Buzumov, Zhumabek Turdaliev, Aike Beishekeeva and Akyl Orozbekov will be kept in Bishkek pretrial detention center 1 until March 13.

All of them are former or current employees of Temirov Live.