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Chinese citizen asks Prosecutor General to take action against ex-husband

Citizen of China Hou Xiang asks the Prosecutor General of Kyrgyzstan Kurmankul Zulushev to take action against her ex-husband Gu Zun De, who is trying to seize her property. A lawyer Khalicha Zazazova told 24.kg news agency.

According to her, Gu Zun De was convicted in China for fraud and had no right to travel outside the country. However, he somehow changed his passport and came to Kyrgyzstan.

«While in the Kyrgyz Republic, Gu Zun De asked my client to transfer money to conduct a joint business. Hou Xiang transferred $40,000; equipment was purchased and installed in Tokmak city. When the woman arrived in the Kyrgyz Republic, she was registered as the owner of the company for the production of plastic slate. In 2020, Gu Zun De began to lead a riotous life and the marital relationship actually ceased. The man decided to take away the business,» Khalicha Zazazova said.

According to the lawyer, in June 2021, Gu Zun De beat his wife and daughter. The criminal case is pending at the Oktyabrsky District Court.

«Gu Zun De wrote a statement to the police that his wife was breaking the law. In addition, the man does not hesitate to mention the names of the prosecutors who, allegedly, patronize him. Gu Zun De also threatens with his connections with high-ranking people,» Khalicha Zazazova said.