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Health Ministry develops new interagency COVID-19 response plan until 2023

The Ministry of Health and Social Development of Kyrgyzstan develops a new interagency plan for combatting COVID-19 for 2021-2023. Press center of the ministry reported.

An offsite workshop was held yesterday with the support of WHO, attended by specialists from departments of the ministry, representatives of government agencies responsible for the prevention and fight against COVID-19.

«The main task for the participants of the meeting is the development of an action plan against COVID-19 to level the risks of the threat of the spread of infection,» the ministry said.

Important components in the plan are sustainable financing, intersectoral coordination, full digitalization of health care, as well as adherence to health protection measures, increasing public confidence in information from competent sources, and unconditional acceptance of recommended behaviors during a pandemic.

«We must learn from the current situation to improve preparedness to combat not only COVID-19, but also future infectious disease outbreaks. It is especially important to improve interdepartmental coordination to strengthen the country’s potential to overcome such crises,» the Deputy Minister of Health and Social Development Jalalidin Rakhmatullaev said.