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Lack of irrigation water: Residents of Chui region in despair

Residents of Chui region of Kyrgyzstan are in despair and are ready to go to the White House in Bishkek. They announced this today at a meeting held near At-Bashi water canal.

Farmers are unhappy with the shortage and unfair distribution of irrigation water. «There is water, but we do not know where it goes. Head of Sokuluk district promised to come, we are waiting. Nobody wants to solve our problems. People invested in the fields, took loans, do not know what to do now. Ten more days and everything will dry up completely. The famine will begin. We are simply being strangled,» the villagers told.

After discussing the problem, the people decided to go to Bishkek.

Earlier, the Ministry of Agriculture said that the lack of irrigation water in Kyrgyzstan arose due to the fragmentation of farms and peasant farms, leading to a lack of rotation (alternation) of crops.

«All water canals were built during the Soviet era, and their capacity was calculated based on the crop rotation. Mainly grain crops were cultivated, but corn, fruit and berry crops are grown in the same fields now. The way out of this situation is the use of water rotation (turn intervals),» the ministry said.