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Protest in Prigorodnoye: Women leave rural administration building

Women who previously announced that they were ready to commit self-immolation found a compromise with the authorities in resolving the issue of repayment of loans. Gulshakh Isakova, a participant of the protest, told reporters.

According to her, a decision was made at a meeting with the Prime Minister Ulukbek Maripov to discuss the issue again on Saturday.

«We hope to get positive results after the meeting. We demand to annul debts on loans, reduce interest rates, and make private banks controlled by the president. Earlier, we also asked for a deferral in repayment of loans, but we did not get it. We ask to resolve the issue,» Gulshakh Isakova said.

At least 15 women announced today that they were ready to commit self-immolation. They doused themselves with gasoline and brought a gas cylinder with them. One of the protesters told 24.kg news agency that women took money at interest from private individuals and commercial banks three years ago, but could not repay loans on time. All the participants of the protest are single mothers and demand to cancel the interest debts accumulated over three years.