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Election results: Members of losing parties go on hunger strike

Members of eight parties who did not overcome the 7% threshold in the April 11 local elections were banned from setting up tents at the building of the Central Election Commission in Bishkek. Representatives of political organizations that did not get into the Bishkek City Council went on a three-day hunger strike in protest.

They claim that the elections were held dishonestly, with mass violations, and demand to annul their results and appoint new ones.

According to the protesters, they were going to come to the Central Election Commission building today at 11.00 and start a three-day hunger strike.

However, they were forbidden to set up tents, despite notification.

Representatives of only two parties participate in the protest: Communists of Kyrgyzstan and the Socialist Party of Kyrgyzstan. The rest of the political associations did not join it.

Referendum and local elections were held in Kyrgyzstan on April 11. According to preliminary data, six parties entered the Bishkek City Council: Emgek (13.87 percent), Ak Bata (12.15 percent), NDPK (10.7 percent), Ata Zhurt Kyrgyzstan (9.63 percent), Bizdin El (7.73 percent) and Yntymak (8.3 percent).