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Elections and referendum: Voting results canceled at eight polling stations

Voting results in the snap presidential elections and the referendum were canceled at eight polling stations in Kyrgyzstan. Website of the Central Election Commission (CEC) of the republic says.

The Territorial Election Commissions recognized the voting results in the early presidential elections as invalid at four polling stations, in the referendum — at seven (at three polling stations — both in the elections and in the referendum).

The reason is violations registered during the voting and counting of votes that do not allow to sum up the voting results.

In total, 2,474 polling stations were opened for the early elections and referendum.

According to the CEC information system, the voter turnout for the presidential elections and referendum as of 11.00 reached 39.3 percent (according to the automatically reading ballot boxes, 39.22 percent — for the plebiscite, 39.34 percent — for the elections).

According to the results of manual counting, the presidential form option holds the lead in the plebiscite — 81.47 percent of the votes (according to the automatically reading ballot boxes — 80.89 percent), in the elections — Sadyr Japarov with 79.2 percent (according to the automatically reading ballot boxes, he won 79.23 percent of votes).

The CEC added that the results of the early elections are summed up on the basis of protocols received directly from Territorial Election Commissions by adding data, no later than 15 calendar days from voting day — until January 24 inclusive.

Snap presidential elections and referendum on form of government were held in Kyrgyzstan on January 10.