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Activists concerned by aggression of Sadyr Japarov's supporters

The Civil Control Committee calls for unification of efforts of citizens and law enforcement agencies in the fight against aggression and threats to which the supporters of Sadyr Japarov resort. Activists issued a statement.

«Discussions around the constitutional reform have become acute due to the enormous significance of this issue for every citizen. The Kyrgyz Republic is a free country where everyone has freedom of speech and the right to express their opinion. But the opinions expressed have never caused such a flurry of aggression and threats in the history of Kyrgyzstan, as the supporters of Sadyr Japarov do it now,» the statement says.

The committee notes that it has come to threats of murder and terrorism against public and political figures who express an alternative opinion.

Activists remind that verbal threats are a crime, and urge citizens to carefully document such messages on social media and messengers and be sure to send them to law enforcement agencies.

To do this, you need to make timely screenshots, including all additional outgoing data: full name, phone numbers, place of residence, photos and other information that will help law enforcement agencies identify the person who is the source of the threat.

«All state bodies must accept complaints and applications of citizens in electronic form. We call on law enforcement agencies to cooperate more widely with the population and conduct explanatory work to prevent cybercrimes and threats,» the committee members call on.

Earlier, unknown persons came to the headquarters of Ata Meken party in Bishkek and made a scandal there. They demanded from the founder of the political association, Omurbek Tekebayev, to apologize to the people. The members of the party turned to the police.

Trolls and fake accounts massively insult users of social media who criticize the amendments to the Constitution.