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Unknown people beat students from Pakistan in Bishkek

Unknown persons beat students from Pakistan studying at the International University of Kyrgyzstan in Bishkek. Representative of the university Imran Nazir told about the incident to 24.kg news agency. He also sent a video of the attack.

«The incident took place in the afternoon in one of our dormitories located along Respublikanskaya Street. Our students went to the nearest store for groceries. Local guys stuck to them on the way. They demanded to give them mobile phones. Having received a refusal, they began to beat the students. They ran after them into the dormitory and continued beating. There were a lot of young aggressive guys. We somehow managed to take them back outside,» Imran Nazir said.

According to him, the arrived policemen detained only two of the attackers and took them to the city police department No. 5. Four injured citizens of Pakistan were also taken there for questioning and filing statements. One of them suffered the most — his nose is broken and he has multiple bruises.

The press service of the Central Internal Affairs Department of the capital has not yet commented on the incident, promising to provide detailed information later. Investigation of the fact is ongoing.