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About 14,000 Kyrgyzstanis receive pensions of less than 2,000 soms

About 14,000 people receive pensions of less than 2,000 soms in Kyrgyzstan. Chairman of the Social Fund, Meder Irsaliev, announced at a press conference.

According to him, these are mainly pensions for the loss of a breadwinner, for incomplete work experience, and disability.

Other 261,800 people (38 percent of the total number of pensioners) get less than 4,286.7 soms (the subsistence minimum of a pensioner for the previous year). «In 2010, this figure was 86 percent, we are gradually reducing it by increasing the size of pensions,» he said.

And only 1,800 people (0.3 percent) receive a pension of above 20,000 soms.

There are 689,000 pensioners in Kyrgyzstan as of today. Their pensions will be increased in October.