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State Material Reserves Fund of Kyrgyzstan tells about food reserves

There are enough food products in Kyrgyzstan to provide the population in case of need. The head of the Department for Strategic Analysis, Public Procurement and External Relations of the State Material Reserves Fund of Kyrgyzstan, Chingiz Nainbaev, told at a briefing.

According to him, if the borders are closed again due to an external factor, food reserves will be delivered to free markets by the decision of the Government.

«After announcement of the pandemic and closure of borders, including with Kazakhstan, the State Material Reserves Fund has processed wheat making 11,828 tons of first grade flour of it. In February, there was a great demand for first grade flour that is why the prices for this product have unreasonably increased. At least 8,181 tons of flour were distributed among vulnerable groups of the population. In addition, the Ministry of Labor and Social Development distributed 328 tons of sugar as humanitarian aid,» Chingiz Nainbaev said.