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Paid municipal parking lots resume work in Bishkek

Paid municipal parking lots resumed work in Bishkek. Press service of the Bishkek City Hall reported.

City parking lots around markets were not serviced due to quarantine, and there was no charge for temporary parking of a vehicle.

«Markets resumed work since May 25, operators of Bishkek Parking Lots municipal enterprise also resumed work. All employees are provided with personal protective equipment, work in gloves, masks, each has a hand sanitizer,» the City Hall said.

The City Hall also explained how to determine that the parking lot is municipal. «Firstly, the appropriate road signs have been installed, the operators are wearing a special orange vest with the logo of Bishkek Parking Lots municipal enterprise and have special badges, they will necessarily give a coupon with a seal of payment,» they added.

The official and uniform tariff is 25 soms, regardless of how long the car is parked.