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Children's helpline receives 45,981 calls since beginning of year in Kyrgyzstan

Helpline for children 111 has received at least 45,981 calls for 4 months of 2020. The Ministry of Labor and Social Development of Kyrgyzstan reported.

The helpline receives 380 calls per day on average.

Consultations and recommendations were given on 2,161 appeals; psychological assistance was provided to 130 people. Other 149 appeals were redirected to the relevant territorial units of state bodies.

It is noted that 876 people asked for humanitarian, financial and other assistance.

At least 59 people complained of child abuse and violence.

«At least 601 people complained about upbringing, behavior, relationships between children and parents, students and teachers. Social assistance was requested by 213 people. About 102 people were consulted on family relations and conflicts. At least 81 people called to inform about domestic violence against women. Four calls related to school racketeering and suicides,» the Ministry of Labor and Social Development said.