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Testing of cargo carriers for coronavirus to be stepped up in Kyrgyzstan

Testing of cargo carriers entering the territory of Kyrgyzstan for COVID-19 will be stepped up. It was announced at a meeting of the Republican Emergency Response Center.

Rapid testing of all long distance truckers crossing the border is being conducted. In case of a positive result, the drivers are sent to observation until the results of a PCR test are obtained.

«It is important for us to continue ensuring unhindered crossing of border by trucks and timely delivery of food and other necessary goods. However, today, in order to ensure health security, we need to tighten control in this direction without creating difficulties for truckers. Particular attention must be paid to the movement of carriers between regions. Therefore, the algorithm of actions during inspections of truckers will be changed in the direction of stepping up control over their location, conducting PCR test, observing the rules of self-isolation and limiting contacts after cargo is delivered until the results of the analysis are received. They should not get out of our control,» the First Deputy Prime Minister Kubatbek Boronov said.

Unfortunately, there have been cases when a person who is required to be in home quarantine continued working, putting others at risk.

Kubatbek Boronov

Household visits in the foci of the infection continue.

The relevant state bodies were instructed to improve the algorithm for controlling the entry and further movement of cargo carriers across the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic.