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Lawyer: Raisa Atambayeva involved in raider seizure of building complex

Criminal case on raider seizure of Diamond City building complex was opened in April 2018. During the investigation, involvement of Raisa Atambayeva was found out. Lawyer of the ex-head of the Judicial Reform and Rule of Law Department of the Presidential Administration Manas Arabaev, Aliya Turumbekova, told 24.kg news agency.

«The former first lady played an important role in this case. She received an apartment with an area of ​​more than 200 square meters from the owners of Diamond City — citizens of China. Prior to this, Raisa Atambayeva received foreigners at her home in the state residence. Later, with a co-father-in-law Bektursun Aitaliev, she intervened in a civil lawsuit between Chinese citizens and Kyrgyzstanis Hussein Zazaiev and Rustam Mamanov. The latter are raiders of the building complex,» said Aliya Turumbekova.

The lawyer noted that Raisa Atambayeva, saying that there was political persecution against her, is misleading the people, since a criminal case against her had been opened much earlier than her husband was detained.

«In addition to Raisa Atambayeva, her son Rais intervened in the case. The charges are brought against her not by Manas Arabaev, but by the affected citizens of the PRC who gave her the apartment. The investigation has enough evidence of the involvement of the former first lady in this case, my client only confirmed them. Other defendants also told about this, as evidenced by the case file. Raisa Atambayeva really persistently requested a meeting with Manas Arbaev, as evidenced by the printout of SMS messages and itemization of calls. Her co-father-in-law Bektursun Aitaliev received $ 820,000. All the facts were confirmed during the investigation,» added Aliya Turumbekova.

Recall, the ex-head of the Judicial Reform and Rule of Law Department of the Presidential Administration Manas Arabaev testified against Raisa Atambayeva. According to him, the former first lady stood up for the former chairwoman of the Sverdlovsk District Court of Bishkek Elvira Dzharkeeva, asked not to touch her. Some Bektursun Aitaliev came to meetings on the case of BLS construction company on her behalf.