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Reclamation of uranium tailings in Mailuu-Suu to start in autumn

Reclamation of uranium tailings in Mailuu-Suu will begin in September-October 2019. Representative of the European Commission Pascal Daures reported.

According to him, all the preparatory work within EU Programme «Environmental Remediation in Central Asia» has been completed. The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development will begin holding tenders and signing work contracts in September.

As Pascal Daures stressed, in total, representatives of the European Union selected 7 uranium sites — legacy of the Soviet Union in three countries — Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. About €85 million is required for their full remediation.

According to Pascal Daures, the EU representatives have already held one conference with donors to raise funds for reclamation of the objects. As a result, they have managed to collect €30 million.

«We continue to raise funds. But as the greatest progress in terms of preparation has been made in Kyrgyzstan, then the first works on the project will begin exactly in the republic,» the representative of the European Commission said.

Objects in Mailuu-Suu, Shekaftar and Min-Kush were selected for rehabilitation in Kyrgyzstan.

At least €30 million are required to complete the work in Mailuu-Suu, in Min-Kush — €5 million, and in Shekaftar -€4 million.

According to Pascal Daures, the project is designed for 10-15 years. In addition to cleaning the territories from hazardous waste, it is also aimed at providing local people with jobs and training specialists who can continue to work at other similar facilities.