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Music teacher from Japan shocked by Kyrgyz rite ala kachuu

Kana Matsumoto is a volunteer at the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). She worked as a music teacher in Tokyo, and decided to come to Kyrgyzstan two years ago.

— Once I decided to help children in other countries to study music. So I found myself here. I had worked at the Chui Music School for two years," Kana Matsumoto told 24.kg news agency.

— Was it easy for you to find a common language with our children? Perhaps, they taught you something, surprised you.

— I gave children individual piano lessons. They also taught me something new, of course.

Unfortunately, there are not enough musical instruments at general education schools in Kyrgyzstan. Therefore, together with JICA, we have managed to bring instruments for the children from Japan, which are no longer used there.

— Have you met really talented children for these two years?

— Those who worked very hard succeeded in their work.

— «You have no ear for music!» adults say sometimes, discouraging children from studying music. Is it the case in Japan, too?

— Parents in Japan have different ideas and visions. There are mothers and fathers who allow their children to do what they want, help them to fulfill themselves. But, like in Kyrgyzstan, there are also parents who force children to do something.

— What regions of Kyrgyzstan have you been to? Where would you like to return?

— I liked the Kyrgyz spring and summer. I fell in love with the starry sky at Son-Kul lake.

I would like to return to Tokmak city, where I lived with my Kyrgyz family, and to Kegeti village, where my friend lives.

— Was there something that remind you of your hometown?

— The family in which I lived in Kyrgyzstan really reminded me of my relatives — grandmother and mother.

— Did you like the local cuisine?

— I liked condensed milk, lagman on Madina market, fresh pirozhki and boorsoks. I do not like fatty food.

— What feelings did you have when you get acquainted with the local population?

— I like that many Kyrgyz people are ready to help other people who may be in trouble. But I felt uncomfortable when I came across dishonest taxi drivers who increased the price for the trip. There were such people in the markets. Fortunately, I met them rarely.

— What unpleasantly surprised you in Kyrgyzstan?

— Ala kachuu rite, when a man abducts a woman whom he would like to marry, shocked me.

— What would you change in Kyrgyzstan?

— Teachers in Kyrgyzstan have low salaries. I would like it to be increased. I would like the state to invest more in teachers and wonderful children who deserve it.