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Askar Akayev tells about possible return to Kyrgyzstan

The first ousted president of Kyrgyzstan told Russian journalists whether his return to his homeland was possible.

Journalists asked: if something was preventing Askar Akayev from returning to Bishkek, and did he want to return?

«There are no formal obstacles. But my opponents feel that good times are coming for me and I can soon return, therefore they are taking informational attacks against me. Recently, some media even buried me. In addition, they are trying to misrepresent 13- year-old insinuations that I allegedly stole one and a half tons of gold as new reports,» Askar Akayev said.

According to him, in any case, under Atambayev, he could not come to Kyrgyzstan even to bury his two elder brothers.

«I was openly threatened that I would be detained at the airport. I have never heard anything bad about myself from the Jeenbekov’s team. I hope this means that they treat me positively,» said Askar Akayev.

The former president of the Kyrgyz Republic also said that the criminal prosecution against him had long been stopped.

«Officially, all the cases against me were closed 12 years ago. My opponents did not find anything negative in my work. Nevertheless, there are some attacks against me from time to time in the media. Perhaps this is some form of revenge on their part. Maybe they don’t like that I’ve returned to my main profession and I’m happy, but they seem to have been winners, but they are unhappy because they have long been driven out of power,» Askar Akayev added.