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Kambarata HPP-2 stopped due to problems with water gate

Kambarata hydropower plant-2 was stopped due to siltation of a water gate. Electric Stations OJSC informed 24.kg news agency.

It is not an emergency situation; the hydraulic unit is in working condition. However, the silting of the gate makes it impossible to open it. Experts are fixing the problem.

«There are no hydraulic constructions above Kambarata-2 on Naryn river, therefore silt and sediment accumulate at the hydropower plant’s dam. This is an unforeseen, but reparable situation, work on the elimination will be completed by the end of November,» explained the company.

By order of the government, Electric Stations OJSC should have a capacity of 2,652 megawatts. As of today, the available power is 739 megawatts more. The capacity of Kambarata HPP-2 is 90 megawatts, and the shutdown of the station will not affect the internal electricity consumption.