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Deputy proposes to introduce tax concessions for pensioners in Kyrgyzstan

Deputy of Parliament Anvar Artykov proposes to introduce tax concessions for pensioners who have taxable property. The deputy initiates amendments to the Tax Code.

According to him, this relief will support the elderly. He noted that the problem of low pensions was largely a consequence of the general economic development of the country, and not the structure or operation of the pension system.

«At least 58 percent of pensioners receive pensions below the subsistence minimum. The basis for the calculation of insurance premiums is salary, which is low for most of the workers. Taking into account the fact that it is impossible to raise pensions to a decent level, I propose to provide those who have reached retirement age with concessions in payment of the real estate tax,» explained Anvar Artykov.

The concession will be granted only to those who do not use houses, apartments or summer houses for earnings.

Anvar Artykov

The deputy added that the benefit can be applied only to one of the objects, that is, either to an apartment, a cottage, or to a house.