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Deputy Labor Minister believes pensioners can save up for vacation abroad

Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Development of Kyrgyzstan Lunara Mamytova is sure that pensioners in Kyrgyzstan can save up their money from their pensions and travel abroad. She posted on Instagram.

«France, Germany, Belgium, USA, Turkey, Egypt and many other countries I have visited earlier, even before my work in the ministry and at my own expense. My life slogan is: «It’s not wealth that matters, but to see the world.» This is the only way to develop your inner and mental potential,» Lunara Mamytova believes.

At the same time, the Deputy Minister of Labor believes that even pensioners «can save up a certain amount from their pensions and afford themselves to go to any country in the world.»

Earlier, the deputy Aida Kasymalieva criticized Lunara Mamytova for traveling abroad too often at the expense of the budget and using her diplomatic passport. However, the Ministry of Social Development refuted this information.