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Elections of mayor. Candidates must pass state language exam

Bishkek Territorial Election Commission approved the composition of the commission on the state language for the election of the mayor of Bishkek. The head of the TEC Kairat Mamatov informed 24.kg news agency.

According to him, it includes seven people. The exam will take place on July 31.

Candidates will have to write their program in Kyrgyz and read it. At the second stage, they will be given an excerpt from a work of art, which they must read clearly and expressively. Commission members can ask questions during the exam.

The majority coalition of the Bishkek City Council nominated Aziz Surakmatov for the post of mayor of Bishkek. Elections of the mayor of the capital of Kyrgyzstan are scheduled for August 8. The majority of the deputies of the Bishkek City Council should vote for Aziz Surakmatov to elect him the mayor of Bishkek.