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Deputies criticize optimization of regional media

The deputy of the Parliament Ryskeldi Mombekov criticized the government’s decision to optimize the regional state-run media and reduce the number of their employees. He stated this today at a meeting of the parliamentary committee on social issues, education, science, culture and health care.

According to him, the government decree to optimize and create media holdings instead of regional and district media is the elimination of the creative intelligentsia. The parliament member was outraged that the government dismissed 64 media employees without notice.

«When the government talks about optimization, it immediately starts personnel reduction. And where will the staff of these media go? Dismiss your fake assistants, drivers, and not these people. We should not close the newspapers that have nearly a hundred years history. It is necessary to reduce the staff in your offices, who wear expensive suits and get 20,000 soms each. These people get 5,000 soms, and their reduction is a crime against culture,» Ryskeldi Mombekov said.

Deputies Kanybek Imanaliev and Ainura Altybaeva supported their colleague. They noted that the regions needed state newspapers. After all, not every person in the village has access to the Internet to read an advertisement or regional news. They recommended the government to review its decision.