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Kyrgyzstan ranked among countries with worst roads in the world

Kyrgyzstan was included in the ranking of the countries with the worst roads in the world. The Global Competitiveness Index 2017-2018 says.

In total, 137 countries were included in the list. The quality of roads was assessed on a scale from 1 to 7, and none of the states got the highest score.

The worst roads are in Mauritania, which received 2 points. It is followed by the Democratic Republic of Congo and Haiti (2.1 points each). Madagascar and Guinea take the 4th and the 5th places respectively.

This is followed by Yemen (2.3 points), Paraguay (2.4), Ukraine (2.4), Mozambique (2.5) and Moldova (2.5 points).

Kyrgyzstan with 2.7 points takes the 16th place in the ranking. However, the experts noted the trend to improvement of the quality of roads.

The best in the ranking are the United Arab Emirates (6.4 points), Singapore (6.3) and Switzerland (6.3).

They are followed by Hong Kong (6.2 points), the Netherlands (6.1), Japan (6.1), France (6) and Portugal (6). Austria (6 points) and the United States (5.7 points) complete the top 10 countries with the best roads in the world.