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Kyrgyzstan takes 108th place in Military Strength Ranking

Kyrgyzstan takes the 108th place in the Military Strength Ranking, which was drawn up by Global Firepower.

The United States take the first place in combat power. The Russian army took the second place. At the same time, the lag of the Russian Federation and China, following it, from the Americans is not so great.

As it is said in explanation to the ranking compiled by military experts, the ranking does not simply rely on the total amount of weapons available, but rather focuses on weapon diversity, available manpower and its reserve, the level of military financing, the country’s transport infrastructure, oil production and other factors influencing defense capacity of the countries.

The top ten included India, France, Great Britain, Japan, Turkey, Germany and Egypt.

Belarus is 49th, Kazakhstan — 55th, Armenia — 93rd and Kyrgyzstan — 108th. Among post-Soviet countries, only Estonia (110th) and Tajikistan (112th) have lower rates. Bhutan closes the rating of 133 countries.