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Muslims Spiritual Directorate makes statement on situation in Myanmar

The Muslims Spiritual Directorate of Kyrgyzstan made a statement on the situation in Myanmar.

The document says that the situation in Myanmar in relation to Muslims is a violation of human rights, the most real violence. The situation in this country must be urgently resolved by the world organizations for the protection of human rights. If it aggravates, it can provoke inter-confessional, inter-ethnic, interstate tensions and conflicts.

The Muslims Spiritual Directorate of Kyrgyzstan and Ulema Council express concern over the situation in Myanmar and urge the parties to solve the problem peacefully. In Sura «Maida» in verse 32 of the Holy Quran it is said: «Whoever kills without the right, or spreads the distemper, it is equal to the murder of all mankind, and he who saves a person’s life is equal to the salvation of all mankind».

They call on Kyrgyzstanis to express their opinion peacefully.