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Kyrgyzstan improves indicators in logistics efficiency rating

Kyrgyzstan improved its indicators in logistics efficiency rating, having raised three positions up, the Director of the PONY EXPRESS company in Kyrgyzstan Janybek Karymshakov said today at a press conference.

 According to him, according to the World Bank estimates, Kyrgyzstan took 146th place in the logistics efficiency rating. There is an increase in figures. Back in 2014, the republic was on the 149th place.

Janybek Karymshakov believes that Kyrgyzstan needs to form logistics in the regions. At the time, all products are brought to Bishkek, and then sent to other cities and towns.

All logistic flows go through Bishkek. We plan to pass it and go directly to the regions.

Janybek Karymshakov

Currently, the share of PONY EXPRESS on the Kyrgyz market, according to preliminary estimates, is 7 percent. The performance will reach 20 percent within three years in implementing the strategy.