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EEU countries need single logistics system for agricultural products

It is necessary to form a well-built system of interconnection between all participants of the agrarian market of the countries — members of the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU). Member of the Board (minister) for industry and the agro-industrial complex of the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) Alexander Subbotin stated at the Eurasian Week International Forum.

According to him, such approach will create continuous supply chains, including consolidation of consignments, processing, packaging, wholesale and small wholesale.

The EEC minister stressed that the negative trade balance in the mutual trade of the Union countries was the result of a lack of storage, processing, packaging and transportation capacities in the EEU countries.

This leads to significant losses and lower products quality. But imported products come through a well-established supply chain in a package that ensures maximum safety, in large quantities and are attractive to retail chains.

«However, when studying the structure of imports, we can see that, with the exception of exotic products, the countries of the union can produce other goods by themselves and thereby reduce capital outflows to third countries. The EEC can take a number of agreed measures that will help reduce import volumes and increase mutual trade, as well as unlock the export potential of agriculture,» Alexander Subbotin said.

The EEC minister stressed that the common system of agriculture logistics should operate within the framework of common network standards, principles, technologies and rules. To improve the performance of the system, it is proposed to introduce a single information space — a platform based on forecasts of the balance of demand and consumption in the EEU.

Eurasian Week is the largest international business forum of the Eurasian Economic Union. It is held to strengthen integration, increase economic potential and expand production cooperation of the EEU countries.

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