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Two rallies held at White House in Bishkek

Two rallies are held in front of the White House in Bishkek.

Participants of the first one — salesmen of junk market, there are 70–80 of them. Protesters do not agree with the fact that the legitimate owners of the territory on which they traded (intersection of Moscovskaya and Beishenalieva Streets), forced them out.

As the head of Leninsky district Nurdin Tynaev previously reported, the territory was provided to the salesmen temporarily. Once the plant had the opportunity to increase its production, its management notified the people about transfer. The Mayor’s Office offered the traders to continue their activities in the market, located at the intersection of Tolstoy and Nekrasov Streets, but they did not want to go there.

«We have to pay a rent at a new place, and we have no money. The factory is expanding… Why do we the Kyrgyz need beer? We want to trade in this area," protesters said.

On the third day of picketing, the protesters brought their small children and people with disabilities, arguing that the market was always supposed to be municipal and was created for this category of citizens. At the same time, the protesters do not want to hear about moving to a new place, purchase of licenses, tax deductions. They just demand this territory.

Participants of the second rally called themselves representatives of the medical and civil society, demanding to consider job competence of the Minister of Health of the Kyrgyz Republic Talantbek Batyraliev. More than 20 people participate in the picket.

«Despite such unpleasant things in the sector, neither the President nor the Prime Minister nor the Parliament has considered the question of the responsibility of the Minister of Health. In short, we, the common people and the medical community, would feel better if the Minister of Health is removed from the sector," their appeal to the country’s leadership says.

A press release distributed among journalists contains a paragraph which states that in case of non-compliance they «reserve the right to legal and illegal actions.»

At both rallies people fuel each other by words and emotions, forgetting that there are laws to be observed in Kyrgyzstan.