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CEC head proposes to create group for independent recounting of votes

The head of the Central Election Commission of Kyrgyzstan (CEC) Nurzhan Shaildabekova asked the parties and candidates to believe them.

All systems contain reliable data, she said.

«We propose to create a group to independently clarify the reasons with the participation of members of the Central Election Commission, independent technical experts from political organizations and independent observers. Select certain polling stations, get primary information from the automated system, because all observers have it, and we will confirm, or say, where there are discrepancies. It is very simple with such a system, it is provided with control tools. Let’s find violations in each specific case. Let’s compare the data displayed on the CEC website with the reports of parties and candidates. Let’s carry out a metrological check of the system. Let’s manually recalculate votes at the polling stations that we select. We will be able to make sure whether the data are reliable or not,» Nurzhan Shaildabekova said.

However, the candidate from Ata Meken party, Klara Sooronkulova, said that the moment was lost and no one else believes in statements about a technical error and people will not believe the results of manual counting, since the ballot fraud continues in some polling stations, especially in the south. She claims that the spoiled ballots are added on to the pro-government political associations.

Nurzhan Shaildabekova once again proposed to recount data manually with the involvement of all interested parties.

Elections of deputies of the seventh convocation of the Parliament have been held in Kyrgyzstan. According to preliminary data from the Central Election Commission, six parties get into the Parliament. Winners in single-seat constituencies were also announced.