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Water level in rivers of Chui region 2.5 times below norm

Water level in the rivers of Chui region fell 2-2.5 times below the norm. Director of the State Agency for Water Resources Almaz Sokeev told at a press conference in Bishkek.

«Since May 20, the water reservoirs have been filled and began to discharge water. Unfortunately, due to the drought, the water level in the rivers has dropped 2-2.5 times compared to last year. There is no melting of glaciers. Air temperature in the mountains remains low. Last week we were forced to provide water for irrigation to the districts in turns, as we could not bring it to the most remote districts, to the lower zones of Chui region,» he said.

According to Almaz Sokeev, about 30 percent of water is lost due to filtration in canals.

«Most of the farms use earth canals. This also affects water loss. In addition, in recent years, the cultivation of crops requiring frequent watering has sharply increased. This is also one of the factors for increased water consumption,» he said.

According to the specialist, water is distributed so that its reserves are enough until the end of the field irrigation season.

He also reminded that negotiations are underway with the Qatar Charity Foundation and other donors on the restoration and drilling of new wells in Chui region. In total, it is planned to commission 100 new water sources.

About 300 farmers from Chui region gathered in front of the Government House in Bishkek earlier. They demanded to solve the problem of irrigation water shortage.