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Sadyr Japarov: People are tired of arbitrariness of authorities

The presidential press service sent out an address by the President of Sadyr Japarov, timed to coincide with the voting in the elections of deputies of local councils and referendum on the draft of the new Constitution of the Kyrgyz Republic.

«The day of popular vote has come, aimed at increasing responsibility for future of the country and discipline in the public administration system. Kyrgyzstan has been looking for its own path for thirty years, during which a number of unrests have taken place. All this is a consequence of the inconsistency of our intentions and aspirations. The events in October last year demanded from us to choose our further path, as well as increase responsibility and restore order in the country. The October popular unrest resulted from the most unfair elections in our history. The authorities then did not hear the voice of the people. Tired of such irresponsibility, injustice and arbitrariness of the authorities, the people demanded systemic reforms,» the text of the address says.

According to Sadyr Japarov, for the first time in the history of independence of the Kyrgyz Republic, the people were given the right to choose the form of government. As you know, on January 10, the citizens of the country chose their own path and supported the presidential form of government.

«As a result, there is a need to change the Basic Law. The new draft Constitution was developed with participation of the scientific community, active and prominent members of the public.

Our further path is closely related to your current choice. Only with the establishment of responsibility in the system of public administration, observance of the rule of law we will have a clear conscience before the people and there will be hope for a bright future,» the address says.

As the head of state, I call on all our compatriots who have the right to vote not to be indifferent to the future of their country.

Sadyr Japarov

«Elections of deputies of local councils and a referendum on the draft of the new Constitution should be held fairly and impartially, without use of administrative resources. We need to learn from the past and not repeat the mistakes of the previous authorities. The main condition for democratic renewal is free expression of the will of the people at elections. Only the government that conducts fair elections without violation of the rules of competition can justify the confidence of the country’s citizens. Fair elections, in turn, will become the basis for peace and stability in the country. Therefore, I call on all citizens to take an active part in local elections and referendum and once again demand from the relevant state bodies to ensure a transparent electoral process. A strong Basic Law of the country is first of all needed to build a strong state,» the head of state said.