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Russian analyst advises Japarov on sources of funds to restore economy

Russian analyst Nikita Mendkovich said during the round table discussion «Kyrgyzstan after Presidential Elections» that the newly elected head of Kyrgyzstan Sadyr Japarov has a chance to quickly find money to restore the economy.

According to him, the country has a large unused cash reserve.

«It is smuggling from China. It is necessary to bring these flows out of the shadows and tax them as imports, using these funds to solve problems under the control of the authorities. This is the first. Secondly, it is necessary for the new administration, as soon as possible, to decide on a claim to investors, firmly delineate the boundaries and not to overstep them. The third is to strengthen control over NGOs receiving funding from abroad. It is necessary to pass a law within which these organizations will be more open and will pay taxes. These are all revenues to the budget,» Nikita Mendkovich said.

In his opinion, otherwise the republic will lose its last investors.

Kumtor topic, which is used by all presidents without exception, inspires concern for businessmen wishing to invest in the mining industry.

Nikita Mendkovich also believes that Sadyr Japarov does not have a professional team and experts. The political scientist advised the newly elected President of Kyrgyzstan not to kick the staff around and noted that it is possible to attract specialists working under the previous heads of state, and not to engage in political persecution.