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Sadyr Japarov calls on compatriots to be patient

The newly elected President of Kyrgyzstan, Sadyr Japarov, called on compatriots to be patient. He wrote it on his Telegram channel.

He also appealed to those who criticize him and urged to end the arbitrariness. Sadyr Japarov said that all corruption manifestations would be eliminated.

We will eliminate corrupt officials by legal means and by means of the state. We only need a little time to do this.

Sadyr Japarov

According to him, the reform has not yet begun. It will begin immediately after Sadyr Japarov starts work after January 28, the day of the official inauguration of the head of state.

A new government will be formed and a new structure of the Cabinet will be approved, and a new Constitution will be adopted in April. Then new laws will come into force.

«Thus, the political processes will be completed only by May-June. After that, we will eliminate corrupt officials within the framework of the law,» Sadyr Japarov noted.

The president elect called to end provocative actions, hiding behind his name. «We must live in a lawful country. We have withstood 30 years, so there are only six months left. Statements that the government is not working are groundless,» he summed up.