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Presidential elections: Sadyk Sher-Niyaz intends to run for president

Sadyk Sher-Niyaz decided to run as a candidate for the upcoming presidential elections in Kyrgyzstan. He announced this in a video message posted on Facebook. He noted that he would prefer not to engage in politics, but he saw no other way out.

«Today I declare my intention to participate in the presidential elections. I have always thought that politics is not an area where I should work. Maybe it would be more comfortable for me, as a public figure, to do what I love. But when the country is already on the verge of something terrible, I will not be able to stand aside and watch as if this does not concern me. Yes, I will fight, yes, it will not be easy for me. I have no funds. We all understand that huge funds are needed to win and an established system of administrative resource will work against us,» he said.

Earlier, the leader of Butun Kyrgyzstan party Adakhan Madumarov, the author of the famous meme «Winter will not come» Arstan Alai, an economist Kuban Choroev, an activist Nazarbek Nyshanov, former governor of Jalal-Abad region Bektur Asanov, a political scientist Bakyt Baketaev, ex-speaker of Parliament Kanat Isaev, a pensioner Abdykaar Sydykov, a leader of Ulutman political party Sazykbai Turdumaliev and an activist Nurlan Motuev notified the Central Election Commission of their intention to run for president.

The CEC reminds: applications from candidates for the highest state post in the country are accepted until November 14 inclusive.

Early presidential elections are scheduled for January 10, 2021.