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Kyrgyzstan postpones population and housing census to 2021

A decision was made to postpone the population and housing census in Kyrgyzstan to 2021. The National Statistical Committee of the republic reported.

Initially, the census was supposed to take place from March 23 to April 1, 2020, in remote areas — from April 20 to April 29. But in connection with the spread of COVID-19, it was decided to postpone its holding for an indefinite period. In case of stabilization of the situation with coronavirus, the National Statistical Committee planned to conduct the census in July 2020. But the peak of the incidence of coronavirus infection in the country occurred precisely in July. The timing of the census had to be postponed again.

«The population census will be carried out in electronic format, using a mobile application by census takers to enter the information received. In order to check the quality and control of the input data, the instructors-controllers have access to the database in reading mode (personal account). To ensure this work, it was planned to use laptops provided for temporary use by the State Registration Service,» the National Statistical Committee said.

However, in connection with the elections of deputies of the Parliament on October 4, 2020, the laptops were returned to the State Registration Service for use during the elections.

«Given these circumstances, the National Statistical Committee decided to conduct the census in November 2020. But since the elections were declared invalid and re-elections are expected, the use of laptops for the population census is possible only after the elections of the president, deputies of the Parliament and local councils. Therefore, it was decided to postpone the census date to 2021,» the committee concluded.