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Kyrgyzstani becomes Belt Wrestling World Champion

A wrestler from Kyrgyzstan won two gold medals at the World Youth Championship. The President of the Belt Wrestling Federation of the Kyrgyz Republic Valery Fufachev informed 24.kg news agency.

The tournament was held in Almalyk (Uzbekistan) with participation of representatives of 28 countries. «There were 10 people in our team. They competed under the guidance of the Honored Master of Sports Nurbek Kozhobekov,» told Valery Fufachev.

Belbogli kurash Uzbek wrestling competition was held on the first day, and belt wrestling competition — on the second day. Raimaly uulu Nurmanbet (95 kg) became the champion at both tournaments. Sanzharbek Zhumabaev (55 kg), Askar Kochkonov (60 kg) and Aybek uulu Sherniyaz (65 kg) won bronze medals in belt wrestling.