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Tilek Toktogaziev rejects post of Deputy Minister of Agriculture

Young entrepreneur Tilek Toktogaziev rejected the proposed position of the Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Food Industry and Land Reclamation of Kyrgyzstan. He said this during the talk show «Oy Bugun» on Channel Five the day before.

The newly appointed Minister Erkinbek Choduev was also invited to the TV debates, but he did not come. Tilek Toktogaziev said he was not ready to work in the team of the new minister, because he did not believe that Erkinbek Choduev would change the situation.

I cannot become an assistant of a person, who has not been able to carry out reforms for five years.

Tilek Toktogaziev
He stressed that agriculture needed reforms, and the appointment of Erkinbek Choduev to the post of minister speaks about the personnel crisis of the Government.

Recall, the young Kyrgyz businessman Tilek Toktogaziev ran for the post of Minister of Agriculture. He said he was ready to take responsibility for radical reforms in agriculture sector. He was supported by Bir Bol faction. However, the Prime Minister did not support Tilek Toktogaziev, saying that his experience was not enough. As a result, Erkinbek Choduev, who had previously been the Deputy Head of the Ministry of Agriculture, became the minister.