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International reserves of Kyrgyzstan decrease by $ 17.06 million for month

As a result of April 2019, the gross international reserves of Kyrgyzstan decreased by $ 17.06 million. The National Bank reported.

Gross international reserves of the republic amount to $ 2,180.09 billion. Compared with April 2018, they reduced by $ 12,890 million.

Over the past two years, the highest level of the reserves was recorded in January 2018 — $ 2,220.44 billion.

The National Bank uses the reserves to smooth out sharp fluctuations in the foreign exchange market. In 2018, the National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic conducted 11 interventions, having bought $ 20,550 million and sold $ 154,550 million. Net sales of dollars in 2018 were $ 134 million.

The reduction in the amount of reserves is partly due to the fact that in April 2019 the National Bank intervened by selling the dollars in the amount of $ 22.8 million.