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Man dies after fall from 8th floor window in Bishkek

A man fell from the 8th floor window and died in Bishkek. Users posted on Facebook.

On May 5, at 8:00 am, the man was standing on the window ledge, residents called the Emergency Situations Ministry, the police and the ambulance.

«The man was drunk, he probably could not go out and decided to do this through the neighbors, and stuck on the ledge. A district policeman and a representative of the Ministry of Emergency Situations stood there for more than an hour and talked to him. There were no attempts to save the person. At 9.30, he fell from the eighth floor. There were no carpets, a rescue canvas, absolutely nothing. After he fell, the police got into his apartment,» users posted.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations told that on May 5, at 8.35, the rescue service dispatcher received information that a man was going to jump from the eighth floor on Isanov Street. Rescuers arrived at the site at 8.45.

«The man was sitting on the windowsill of the eighth floor. The police officers who were at the scene said that, according to the man, there were people threatening him inside the apartment. Rescuers were forbidden to open the door before the arrival of the task force, as this could be dangerous. During a conversation with a rescuer, the man said that he was not going to jump, but he was forced to do it by a person in the apartment. Rescue from the roof was not possible because of no access to the attic. A fire truck lift was sent to the scene for evacuation, but the vehicle was returned on the way, since the man had already jumped,» the Ministry of Emergency Situations explained.

The ministry added that rescuers broke the door of the apartment. There was nobody inside.