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Programmer accuses Education Ministry of misappropriating project

The Chairman of the Kyrgyz Association of Software and Services Developers, Azis Abakirov, told 24.kg news agency that the Ministry of Education of Kyrgyzstan and MP Kanatbek Kerezbekov had taken away a building from IT Academy.

According to Azis Abakirov, they took away not only the premises, but also appropriated other people’s scientific achievements, posing them as their own project. «I initiated a creation of an IT academy on the basis of the vocational school 99 with a group of programmers, it was agreed with the government in 2015, the project was implemented, but not at our association, but at the Law Academy, which was then headed by the current deputy of the Parliament Kanatbek Kerezbekov,» Azis Abakirov told.

He added that the Law Academy had taken away the building where the lyceum was located, with the support of the Ministry of Education, although it had to be transferred with its base to the Association of Software Developers.

«It turns out that the then rector of the Law Academy simply copied our project, did not even change the name. As a result, the IT Academy appeared at the Kyrgyz State Law Academy. I don’t understand why it happened,» said Azis Abakirov and stressed that he was ready to address the country’s president and the prime minister to resolve the situation.