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Cemetery vandalism. Bishop Daniel urges authorities to prevent blasphemy

The Bishop of Bishkek and Kyrgyzstan, Daniel, called on Kyrgyz authorities to take measures to punish those guilty of vandalism at the cemetery in Ananyevo village and to prevent such blasphemous actions in the future. An appeal of the bishop to the Orthodox Christians of Kyrgyzstan says.

The head of the episcopate noted that acts of vandalism at cemeteries were not a unique case nowadays. Crimes of this kind have been committed regularly. The causes of such crimes may be different. True motives will become known after law enforcement officers detain the criminals.

The vandalism at the Orthodox cemetery is a terrible tragedy. Abuse of memory, an attempt to humiliate the living, to hit the sore place is a cowardly, despicable, inhuman act.

Bishop Daniel

«It is known that the living people are judged by the relation to the memory of the dead. In any traditional religion, the cemetery as a place of rest of the dead is revered as sacred. Within Christianity, a cemetery is also the place where the general resurrection of the dead will take place. Therefore, the Orthodox Church condemns the act of vandalism at the Christian cemetery in Ananyevo village,» the message says.

Bishop Daniel called on society to treat the event prudently, without inflaming passions, recriminations, personal investigations and baseless accusations.

«Whoever is behind this, it is the crime of an insignificant group of mean people. We hope that the guilty will be found and they will incur the deserved punishment within the law,» Bishop Daniel stressed.