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Builders of Balykchi – Korumdu road to get their wages

The Ministry of Transport of Kyrgyzstan has transferred 144.2 million soms for the payment of wages to the builders of Balykchi-Korumdu road. The ministry reported.

Payment of wages to employees of subcontracting organizations of Qingdao Long Hai Road and Bridges Corporation is promised to start tomorrow, on December 19.

Earlier it was reported that the accounts of the Chinese company were blocked because of debts to subcontractors. As of today, negotiations have been held with them, accounts have been opened, and the Ministry of Transport has transferred the necessary amount.

Recall, construction of the road began in 2016 on the initiative of the then Prime Minister Temir Sariev. A distinctive feature was the full financing of the project from the budget. A scandal broke out over the choice of the contractor. As a result, Zamirbek Aidarov, Minister of Transport and Roads, and Temir Sariev, head of the Cabinet himself, lost their posts.

It turned out later that there was no money for the construction of the road in the budget. Long Hai workers regularly strike because of non-payment of wages.