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Kyrgyzstan ranked among countries with highest level of corruption

The World Economic Forum on Tuesday published its annual corruption index as part of the Global Competitiveness Report. Website of WEF reports.

Using a methodology linked to Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index, the WEF ranked 140 countries’ level of corruption within their society on a scale of one to 100.

A score of 100 means a country is without corruption, while zero is the most corrupt possible. All the countries featured on this list scored 30 or less.

Kyrgyzstan is among the 32 most corrupt countries with 29 points.

As for neighbors of the country, Ukraine (30 points), Russia (29 points), Tajikistan (21 points) also turned out to be on the list. Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Belarus are not represented in the Index.

The countries that, according to the WEF, are most corrupt, are usually located in Africa, Central America and the Middle East, in societies with weak legal and governmental systems and widespread poverty.