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Prime Minister acknowledges existence of shadow economy

In 2019, expenses will be fully funded from internal sources. The Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan Mukhammedkaly Abylgaziev announced this at a government meeting today.

According to him, in 2019 the profitable part of the republican budget should make up 149.6 billion soms. Budget deficit is expected in the amount of 9.8 billion soms. This suggests that Kyrgyzstan will again ask for external assistance to cover the budget deficit. The head of the Cabinet criticized this approach.

«If loans and grants come, we often allocate them for salaries. We must learn to live within our means, to use all internal resources. It’s our duty. We need to activate all the reserves. We have a large volume of shadow economy. We talk a lot about program budgeting, but we act as if by stencil. In 2019, we need to consider program budgets. If we are carrying out program budgeting, we must know exactly which laws will be adopted and which laws will not be adopted. We often adopt laws and programs funding sources for which have not been chosen yet,» said Mukhammedkaly Abylgaziev.

At the same time, the Prime Minister criticized the Finance Minister Adylbek Kasymaliyev.

«I must say the truth, Adylbek Aleshovich, your work is not enough. We should all work together. We must support small enterprises with financing, laws on the transformation of land. The people themselves want to work, we must not interfere. If they work, they will not depend on benefits, pensions. We must help those who can work,» the head of government summed up.