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28.4 billion soms spent on payment of salaries since beginning of year

About 28.4 billion soms of budget money was spent on payment of salaries since the beginning of the year. This is 25.6 percent of all treasury spending. The Ministry of Finance of Kyrgyzstan reported.

According to it, for January-October, the expenditure execution of the republican budget according to economic classification is 111.3 billion soms. The protected items were funded at 75.1 billion, unprotected — at 8.9 billion.

The protected items account for 67.5 percent of all treasury spending. In addition to the payment of salaries, the largest expenditures fall on expenditures represented by a single item (9 billion soms), social security benefits (14.56 billion) and social assistance to the population (6.3 billion). The least amount was spent on paying scholarships — 116 million soms.