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Kyrgyzstan takes 85th place in the Global Slavery Index

As a result of 2017, Kyrgyzstan took the 85th place out of 167 in the Global Slavery Index. The human rights organization Walk Free Foundation, which compiled the ranking, says.

The Global Slavery Index 2018 ranks the countries by the number of people in modern slavery and contains an analysis of the actions taken by governments to respond and factors that make the people vulnerable.

At least 24,000 out of 5.88 million people live in conditions of modern slavery in Kyrgyzstan. Thus, it turns out that 4.11 people per 1,000 inhabitants are in slavery.

The Kyrgyzstan’s government response to combat slavery was estimated at B level with 49.9 points. This means that the government is taking measures to combat modern slavery, but some government actions can criminalize slavery, facilitate the deportation of victims and contribute to modern slavery as a whole.

As for Kazakhstan, at least 75,000 people live in modern slavery there (83rdplace), in Tajikistan — 39,000 (75th place), in Uzbekistan — 160,000 (69th place), in Russia — 794,000 people (64th place), in Armenia — 16,000 people (68th place) and in Belarus — 103,000 (20th place.)