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MP proposes to tighten punishment for calls for interregional strife

Member of the Parliament Tazabek Ikramov proposes to tighten the criminal punishment for calls and incitement to interregional strife. Corresponding amendments to the Criminal Code were submitted for public discussion.

The background statement to the draft law states that, according to the new Criminal Code, which will enter into force in 2019, the punishment will be categorized. Tazabek Ikramov offers to punish those, who are engaged in inciting interregional hostility through the media or the Internet, on the third category. It provides for five to seven years in prison. If a court finds out that this act was committed by a group of persons by prior agreement, then in this case the prison term is increased to 10 years.

Tazabek Ikramov reminds that no one in Kyrgyzstan can be discriminated, including by regional origin. This rule is spelled out in the Constitution.