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Consequences of Osh market fire. Photoreport

We visited the site of the fire today morning. There is no black smoke, and it is clear now what has burned down. Yesterday, it was impossible to approach the burning building due to smoke, police cordons, splashes and streams of water from the fire vehicles.

Curious sellers, whose trade places were not damaged by the fire, are walking around the ruins. Before start of the working day, people came to look at the ruins of the burnt down building and pavilions.

«Wow, even the iron shelves burnt down!» — exclaimed a woman, looking into a gap formed by the fire.

«Plastic dummies stood on these shelves. There were so much plastic! Therefore, firemen were fighting the fire until the evening. It’s good that the building did not collapse, otherwise a lot of firemen would suffer. Have you seen how they ran into the burning building yesterday, despite the collapsing ceilings?» a man told.

And everyone began to remember how the firemen worked. As without gloves, they were holding cold hydrants and iron buckets the whole day long, as they managed to squeeze their fire trucks through the traffic jams that formed around the market ...

Nothing survived in the market building. Burnt stairs, doors, iron frames of shelves, it seems, will collapse from a light touch. All the goods that turned into a black-gray ashen mass lie on the floor.

But it seems a lot could be saved in the pavilions installed around this building. Undamaged dummies, jackets, skirts are lying in the piles of garbage. Yesterday, the owners of these pavilions tried to break through the cordon to pull something out of the fire. They shouted, cried, said that they had big loans.

Call about a fire in Seytek market was received yesterday at 9.48 am. By 12.30 the fire was brought under control, however it took almost nine hours to completely extinguish it. At least 12 fire teams worked at the scene.

The area of ​​fire amounted to almost 3,500 square meters. Totally, the fire destroyed 118 trade places.

Today, the Civil Protection Commission will begin to calculate the material damage from the fire. The State Ecological Safety Inspectorate will begin an investigation to determine the source and cause of the fire.