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Kyrgyzstan included in top 20 tourist destinations for 2018

Kyrgyzstan entered the top 20 tourist destinations for 2018 according to Passion Passport.

In total, the top included 20 places that are in great demand among tourists. The winners were determined based on the opinion of travelers.

The Faroe Islands are at the top of the ranking. Pakistan takes the second place, and Iran is the third. Singapore and the Lofoten Islands in Norway share the fourth place.

Kyrgyzstan occupies the 18th place and is the only Central Asian country in the list. «This Central Asian nation features a vibrant culture and rugged mountainous terrain,» the description reads.

«With all the problems we are seeing in the world right now, Kyrgyzstan reminded me that, even though we all look different, it is possible to live together peacefully. In this country alone, Russian, Kyrgyz, Uzbek, Dungan, and Uyghur people all live under the same flag,» a traveler Pete Rojwongsuriya said.

Finland and the Scottish Edinburgh are at the end of the list.

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